The Snake Trio - The Dance Of The Snake

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The Snake Trio
The Dance Of The Snake
2000  (CD)



01- Mr P.C. (John Coltrane) 3:07
02- Suite Para Una Flor (Jackeline Rago) 4:11
03- Sterling Birds (Jackeline Rago/Donna Viscuso) 6:02
04- It Don't Mean A Thing (Duke Ellington) 3:57
05- Redondo (Jackeline Rago) 4:00
06- Barcelonesa (Enrique Hidalgo) 4:26
07- Coney Island (Donna Viscuso) 4:44
08- All Blues (Miles Davis) 6:28
09- The Coop (Donna Viscuso) 3:27
10- Square B (Jackeline Rago/Donna Viscuso) 4:15


Cuatro, Mandolin, Bandola, Percussion: Jackeline Rago

Flute, Alto Saxophone: Donna Viscuso

Bass, Conch Shells: Jeremy Allen

Other Credits

Produced by The Snake Trio

Recorded by Randy Rood at Emeryville Recordings (Emeryville, CA)

Tracks 02 & 06 Recorded by Dana Labrecque

Recorded at For Here or To Go Studio (San Francisco, CA)

Mixed & Mastered by Derek Bianchi & The Snake Trio

Mixed & Mastered at Muscle Tone Studio (Berkeley, CA)

Graphic Design: Tina Tovey

Photos by Hugh H. Lovell


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