Ya Gozó The Latin Jazz Band - Live at Adagio Jazz Club


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Ya Gozó
The Latin Jazz Band
Live at Adagio Jazz Club
Savannah, Georgia
Combo Productions
2002   (2CDs)




Disc 1
Song For My Father (Horace Silver) 8:07
02- Favela (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 7:58
03- Milestone (Miles Davis) 6:02
04- Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) 7:54
05- My Funny Valentine (Roger/Hart/Capell & Co.) 7:50
06- Sabor (Joao Donato) 6:57
07- Salah Cubano (Miguel Alvarado) 9:11
08- Europa (Carlos Santana) 11:26

Disc 2

Mr. PC (John Coltrane) 5:59
02- Afro Blues (Mongo Santamaria) 5:25
03- St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) 6:42
04- Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosmo) 7:46
05- Mary Do You Know (Mark Lowery/Buddy Green) 5:59
06- Grooving High (Clark/Gillespie) 5:19
07- Rumba 7:57

* All tracks arranged by Julio Bello, Alcides Ortiz, Neil Champagne, 
    Miguel Alvarado & Alfredo Oliveros




Piano: Julio Bello

Drums & Timbales: Alcides "Tito" Ortiz

Bass: Alfredo Oliveros

Congas: Ramon Martin

Percussion: Felix Colon

Guitar & Trumpet: Neil Champagne

Sax: Miguel Alvarado


Guest Musicians

Piano & Vocals: Doug Carn (track 05 disc 1)


Other Credits


Produced by Combo Productions

Recorded by Jim Stafford

Recorded at Adagio Jazz Club (Savannah, Georgia)

Mixed by Jim Stafford

Mixing assistants: Julio Bello, Alcides Ortiz & Neil Champagne

Mixed at Eclipse Recording Studios (St. Agustine, FL.)


Graphic Design: Kimberly Luft - LuftHaus Designs

Cover Photos by Salah Abdul-Wahid

Band Photo by Susan Plumer

Live Photos by Qatresha Champagne


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