Pig Farm On The Moon - Orbital

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Pig Farm On The Moon
Musical Mind
2003  (CD)




01- Awaken From Reality (A. Soto/Ivanov/Lerner/Lidian) 16:04
     (Including The Trial, The Voice and The Reason To Live)
02- Genesis (Instrumental) (Ivanov/Arturo Soto) 9:28
03- I Lost My Wings (Ivanov/Lidian/A. Soto/Lerner) 12:19
04- The Queen Maibe (Ivanov/Lidian/Lerner) 18:53
I- Into The Globing's Woods
II- Meeting The Queen
III- The Journey Through The Shadow's Rift
IV- Facing Lot
V- What I Left Behind
05- The Return Of The Rain (Ivanov) 11:42




Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Lidian

Guitar: Ivanov

Drums: Gilberto Finol

Keyboards: Salomon Lerner

Bass: Gustavo Borrero


Guest Musicians:

Acoustic 6 & 12 strings & Electric Guitars: Dario Sosa

Keyboards Solos: Laurent Lecuyer (tracks 02, 04)

Guitar Solo: Arturo Soto (track 05)

Violin: Igor Lara (tracks 02, 04)

Viola: Rosa Marķa Barrios (tracks 02, 04)

Cello: Darlenys Zamora (tracks 02, 04)


Other Credits


Produced by Pig Farm On The Moon & Francisco Domingo

Executive Production: Elliot Levy

Recorded by Francisco Domingo at True Digital Studios (Caracas)

Mixed by Francisco Domingo at Backstage (Caracas)


Graphic Design: Michael Bennett


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