Welcome to Síncopa.
The idea of this site is to provide information, as accurate and complete as possible, about Jazz, World-Ethnic, Rock-Pop, New Age/Electronic, Classical & Traditional Music "Made in Venezuela" or by Venezuelans around the world. A data base where aficionados, music collectors and anybody who enjoys music and has a need for more information, will be able to find it. 
We have been collecting this data for quite some time, but we are far from finished. There are still plenty of old records to be remembered and added to the site, plus all the new creations that are being made. We not only welcome any feedback you may have about the site, but any help you can provide us. We have recently finished our entries for Jazz and have started with the other categories. Whether you are an artist, producer, recording engineer, record label or just a fan and don't see a record that you feel should be in this web page, please contact us. We welcome any chance to improve this site.
We welcome sponsors and collaborators.
Have fun and enjoy the website.

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